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This event is a Wedding.
This event is NOT a Wedding.
I am ready to book Crocodile Smile Band.
I am just looking for a no obligation quote for my Event Entertainment.
Please allow 1 hour prior to start
(Turn Table DJ plays as a 6th band member and fills breaks. Seamless program.)

Performers will arrive early, dressed appropriately
New, modern digital Sound and Amplification Equipment
Top-of-the-line speakers
Your pre-selected playlist
Cordless microphone
Advance setup, efficient takedown
There is nothing like live music!
Talented Professional Musicians
Charismatic Singer and Entertainer
Extensive Song & Style Range
Crocodile Smile performs your songs the way you want to hear them!
Experienced and versatile, Crocodile Smile will play a variety of current hits and traditional classics.
Just let us know your taste and any requests.

Other options are available. Just let us know what you are dreaming of. (Additional charge may vary.)

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