Frequently Asked Questions

How soon should I book my event with Sound Extreme?

Events are often scheduled more than a year in advance. The sooner you make the arrangements, the better your chance of getting exactly what you want.

Talk to us early in your planning. We can help steer you around potential pitfalls. For example, some areas have noise limitations or may not allow large speakers.

But don't let that scare you. We often have last minute availabilities.
We are experienced and we can give you flawless results with very little heads up.

I filled out an event request. Is my event confirmed?

Your event is NOT confirmed until you receive a confirmation from us. Please contact us at  (828) 551-3519 or email us sales@soundextreme.netif you do not have a confirmation within 24 hours.

What if my event plans change?

Depending on the changes that you are making to your event, the options will vary. Your best course of action is to contact us at  (828) 551-3519 or email us

Do I need to contact Sound Extreme to confirm my reservation?

We will contact you by phone or email within 24 hours of receiving your event request. If you have questions regarding a confirmation of your event, please contact us at  (828) 551-3519 or email us

How often and how long will you be taking breaks?

Our DJs take NO breaks. If they have to step away momentarily it will be during a song. The DJ will be back before he is missed.

Are all of the songs on my play list going to be okay and available?

Yes. We have an incredibly large library of music. Give us your play list ahead of time, we will make sure we have all of your music for your event.

Occasionally a particular song is not commercially available. Or perhaps it is very obscure or actually has a different name than the one you know it by. As long as you have a copy of it, we can play it. We may recognize it and have a more professional digital copy of it to play. We will not play a different version without confirming with you first.

What will the DJ be wearing?

What would you like? All black? A specific color? Shirt and slacks? Shirt and tie? Tux vest? Just let us know what you want. It's YOUR wedding. Let us know if you would like a Suit, a Tux or a dress shirt and slacks. Would you like the DJ or MC to wear a tie? Or a bow tie and cummerbund?

What does the cancellation policy entail? Can I be assured you will not cancel on me?

We've never cancelled anyone since our start in 1992. If you need to cancel, we require that you let us know 6 weeks out in writing.

Are you going to take requests?

That is your choice. Let us know how you would like requests to be handled as the event progresses. We will have a large library of music available, if you would like to allow requests. Otherwise, we can just stick to your play list.

Why can't I have Bubbles at my event?

They can make the floor slippery. For your outdoor event we will make sure that the bubbles don't make your dance floor or any steps slippery. We will set up your Bubbles so that, even with a change in the wind direction, they don't pose a potential slip and fall danger to your guests.

Here are a few other things to consider when planning your event:

Having an Outdoor event? Keep these factors in mind.

We have experience with outdoor events. You may need additional speakers and microphones for a windier area. We can provide amplification.

We are very experienced in providing entertainment at outdoor events. We have every contingency covered.  There will be no last minute problems.


Call Sound Extreme at 828-551-3519

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